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Beautiful, varied Valdres extends from Hedalen and Etnedal in the south, through the town of Fagernes to Beitostølen, Vaset and Tyin/ Filefjell.

On the way through our valley, the terrain varies from water-rich valleys to some of the highest mountains in Jotunheimen. The choices are many, whether you prefer active or relaxing holidays. You will meet Valdres Hosts throughout with a desire to give you many good experiences!

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Tingvollbakkin 15
2930 Bagn
Tlf:   (+47) 61 34 85 00
Fax: (+47) 61 34 85 01
08-15.30 (15/5-15/9)
08-16 (16/9-14/5) 381 819
Kontonr: 2320 17 74551 
Kommunenr: 0540
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